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Latest Market Statistics

  • 3rd quarter of 2018, sales increased for a 17th consecutive quarter across the Montreal Metropolitan Area, where 9,613 properties exchanged hands, up 5% from same period of 2017.

  • Median prices continued to rise for all property categories:
    6% for Single family homes (335,000$)
    4% for Condominiums ( 262,900$)
    9% Plexes 2-5 dwellings (520,000$)

  • A drop in active listings was pronounced across all property categories, thus giving sellers the upper hand in negotiations. Average selling times continued to shorten: 76 days for a house, 99 days for a condo and 78 days for a plex.

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Now you know your financial capacity, you have found your dream home and you have an accepted offer. Don’t forget to calculate the indirect expenses involved in a real estate transaction, as a buyer. As these expenses need to be paid cash, they may have an impact on your down-payment, so you must make sure you have the amount set aside.


It’s time to go to the notary to sign the deed of sale and transfer ownership to the buyer. To avoid any surprises you must make accurate calculations, to determine your net proceeds from the sale of your property.

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A real estate transaction requires a number of official documents to be sourced and verified. Make sure you have all of them in your possession for a successful closing without surprises.

A comprehensive list of all necessary organizations for a complete real estate transaction.

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